12. oktober 2011


1.       Five ways to win your heart
Do not obviously hit on me, show respect, be funny, be a good person, hug me.

2.       Something you feel strongly about
Unprofessionality. I totally get mad and freak out about it.

3.       A book you love

4.       Bullet your whole day

5.       Things you want to say to an ex
How did you become so egoistic? holy

6.       Your views on mainstream music
I love popmusic, but mainstream music often gets annoying. hearing it too much everywhere it gets worn out. but good music to me is good music to me, so...

7.       Five pet peeves
It annoys me when people have moodswings. It's like some people are born with it. I've learned to refuse to live with it... i just loose the interest in those people. Also, some days some things annoy me, other days other things annoy me. Stupidity annoy me a whole lot, but then again some people can't help it. (i sound like a superior prick right now!)
. not doing five, sowwy

8.       What you ate today
Salad made from plums, heartsalad, tomato, cucumber, salt, pepper, pepper, pepper. A bun with cheese. Raisins&almonds. Spicy chicken in coconutmilksauce, steamed cauliflower, cabbage, carrots and parsnips... & a cup of hot choc with marshmallows ^^

9.       How important you think education is
Education is important, yes. but experience is just as much.

10.   Put your musicplayer on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

11.   Your family
Pappi Poul, mammi Mette, little brother Mathias aka. Lillen aka. Lille Bitten aka. Bitten.
My aunt (moms sister), her husbond, her two boys (my fave cousins). then, my dad has two siblings, but we dont see them at all, really. His sisters girl just had a babyboy & we are going on a visit & i do have a family-feeling in my mind about him already, so.
Still have my grandmother on my dads side & my grandfather on my mothers side. their spouse died early and they now have a new husbond and wife, but we dont consider their families as our own.

12.   Five guys whom you find attractive

13.   Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it
I'm loosing wait. i've been 7 kgs fatter. im not loosing weight, just to loose wait - i changed my style of living and now focus on being atlethic and eating what my body needs - not what my mouth loves. Im not all comfortable all days, but i dont hate it. My parents gave me a nice bone structure, so i dont have an unusually big ass, short arms, short legs, weird back, anything. I want a smaller nose, though.

14.   What you wore today
15.   Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality
16.   Something you always think “what if...” about

17.   Something that you’re proud of
My family, actually. including myself. & i know that that is a privilege.
I'm proud of myself for what i have accomplished - i've work hard for it & ill keep working hard.

18.   A problem that you have had
I used to sweat extremely when i was in highschool - like i was nervous all the time?!
It's so over. It's almost opposite now

19.   Five items you lust after

20.   Your fears
i fear big water at night
i fear for a life with no freedom
i fear that i will not take fully advantage of life and its oppertunities
i dont like tarantulas, but they wont kill me
i really dont like squids, but when will i ever come near one?

21.   How you hope your future will be like

22.   Your academicsPrimary school
High School/Gymnasium
Teko, school of design and textiles

23.   Something that you miss
More social life - i miss my closest friends too often

24.   Five words/phrases that make you laugh

25.   Something you’re currently worried about
My nearest future, actually. It is the first time, that i dont really have an idea of, where i will see myself in a year. not that i dont have options - im just not even in control of what/when it will be chosen

26.   Things you like and dislike about yourself

27.   A quote you try to live by
In family and life: "All the things we took for granted" [tattoo]
In business and experience: "Live life to the fullest"

28.   Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit
I'm visiting New York in november, which is a life long dream.
I just came home from visiting Louise in London, which was very exciting.
I'd love to be able to go on vacation in Tokyo, but i need someone perfect to come with me.
I maybe dream a little of living in LA, though i have never been there. So lets start with a vacation.
I cant wait to be moving back to Copenhagen - i thought it would be next summer, but plans will show.
I need to see Paris and Berlin soon. Maybe Amsterdam too.

29.   Five weird things that you like
I love my brothers skiing underpants
I'm excited about getting an actual career
I kinda like, that i don't always love what everyone else does - i feel like i have it to myself & thats a nice feeling. (Feeling like on of a kind... we all like that, dont be in denial)
I like working out after 9am
I love hobo-sundays. Wearing nothing and not going outside all day... might have to wear sweaters&lazy pants soon.

30.   One thing you’re excited for
New fucking York! (& moving back to Copenhagen)

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Obscurred Q's won't be answered

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