24. oktober 2011

project work experience

intensiv work on the schedule today
i  j u s t  have to:
- get a skin test (euw?) in Matas
- check out the new thrift store here and get a teddy bear for halloween (youll see)
- startet watching The Mentalist last night, which was a bad idea, i know.
- slowly start packing my things

okay, i can do this :) Louise had me doubting whether this written project is graded. i mean. it shouldnt matter, but its probably gonna! im not gonna sit up till early morning if no one else cares.
i know what ive done at RTC and i know what they should do better
and thats basically it.
i hate written assignments. id rather just talk.
i guess its because i dont like repeating myself/my thoughts

have a lovely day 

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