16. oktober 2011

- of the week (41):

best day: friday was both good and bad. it was a lovely day, but i felt really weird about finishing my internship... i just started! - 10 weeks ago. i deff like working better than being in school!

best meal: saturday night i was so hungry from not eating all day. believe it or not, i had the most heavenly bite of iceberg salad... the most boring salad you can get! its funny how everything is just extremely tasty, when youre starving!

best joke: "Tonni... du' liderlig... du' skide liderlig!"

best thing: being sad and then being taken care of!

worst thing: ending the internship. it really is weird, that i dont have to go to work tomorrow.

best dream: unfortunately i only remember the bad once this week.

best night out: never had the time. no invites :O

wish: i really hope, that my internship project will be a succes. im calling another guidance teacher tomorrow, cause Carsten is absolutely no help. he hasnt done his job at all. damnhim.
my problem is, that there are so many other more exiting things i could write about, than just the companys value chain. so i'll have to figure out, whether it can give me a higher grade.

sleep tight, bitches <3

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