5. oktober 2011

i'm busy!

went to Århus with 2 colleagues yesterday to get ideas for the new collection.
was home at 18:34. then talked to my family and guinea pig for half an hour.
went upstairs to sew 3 tote bags to be presented today.
became overtired
slept at maybe 1am

up at 6am

going to the warehouse to collect partnumbers & pack 15 EU pallets

o h

&  t h e n  i have to make the presentation of what we were inspired from yesterday and what ideas we got.
idea generation was supposed to happen today,  b u t  i'm not sure its realistic though

t h e n  i need to make 3-5 blogs posts for the rest of the week for work's blog.

a l s o, i am going to London tomorrow (Weeza <3 ) - means i have to pack. i've come to the conclusion, that im just not... & then i'll buy a new wardrobe in Primark ^^

sleep is overrated :C

have a lovely day

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