18. oktober 2011

4. Bullet your whole day:

6:00 - alarm clock
6:25 - after snoozing for 25 minutes i get up & get ready
7:55 - off for work (internship)

8:00 - checking emails and looking smart behind the desk. doing computer stuff.
9:00 - getting my new computer double checked by Lasse in IT. apparently the programmes on it are
          supposed to take up half of the rams. hmm.
10:30 - giving my opinion on Rikke's presentations on SS12 pillows.
11:30 - preparing tableware for the photoshoot tomorrow.
13:00 - at the warehouse: QC'ing Tender bed linnen. finally it was fantastic.
16:30 - back at the office. packing down computer. getting the little things done.
17:00 - home. checking fb. blogging. texting. talking on the phone.
18:00 - working on project Work Experience
19:00 - food. spaghetti&meat. not my fave, but just what i need on a day like today. protein and carbs :P

19:30 - discussing our private oulet at RTC at the dinner table. and work. and work experience project.

20:45 - doing dishes
21:00 - calling Louise, just to talk
21:15 - doing a youth house thang

21:30 - working on project Work Experience

23:20 - preparing to go to bed. j u s t gotta do...

00:10 - in bed
00:45 - sleeping

not just bulleting, but also timing my whole day


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