13. september 2011

three marketing failures in one day is frustrating!

i may be studying puchasing management.
i found out sortly after attending Teko, that it is not my path in life

marketing is what im good at - its my passion, more or less! i always judge the level of it!

it may be a mix of everything i've gone through in my short life: 
high level of math
art classes
working in supermarkets (Kvickly Rønne apparently is serious business! very pro! very pro!)
havin an interest in the minds behind the advertisements and commercials
havin an interest in the effect those have on peoples minds (read: brains)

why is my opinion not considered pro enough? why should i have to fight to increase sales?

today ive realised how the business world is being held down by unmotivated coworkers. im talking genereal. unfortunately.

why is motivation not the most important factor in every workplace?

i know im not dumb!
i know im not naiv!

suit yourself, suckers

ill keep up the good work - i promise!


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