18. september 2011

slept fantastic!

yesterday we went to Ålborg at 10:15
shopped at H&M and was home at 14:30

i fell asleep at 17-ish
woke up at 19-ish

chatted a  c u t e  guy for some hours
went to Sørens house

watched & analysed Hannah Montana with my 13 year old cousin (male)
watched Toddlers&Tiaras on youtube

fell asleep on Sørens couch at 23:30
woke  up at 5:21

drove home
watched more Toddlers&Tiaras
fell asleep at 7-ish
just woke up: 11:32

i've had no dreams and my body has been so relaxed.
fantastic sleep <3 yaih

have a lovely day

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