25. september 2011

- of the week (38):

best day: wednesday - meeting all day with a very western-ish woman from DT Textiles. So many god ideas came up & all in all it was a funny, constructive, happy day!

best meal: wednesday - we were invited to a fish restaurant. everything was fresh. we had soup, all kinds og pickled and marinated foods & then i had two huge salmon beefs. i  l o v e  salmon and this was just fantastic. also, on their salads they use a pomegranat balsamic. w a u w !

best joke: the old gals teasing me with saying "klammo" to everything not delicoius. i like making people laugh. love it, actually!

best thing: being in Turkey. getting the impressions of another culture. eating food made from people who care. learning learning learning. being taken seriously as a colleague and business partner

worst thing: the bacteria i got in my stomach on thursday - throwing up and feeling bad sucks. but it sucks just as bad that i spent the rest of the day in my hotelroom sleeping.

best dream: i had a dream, that all "my online guys" where gathered at some event. they didnt really recognize me, because i wasn't posing (nice thiking of myself) but then i did - and we all had the funniest fun ^^

best night out: all nights making Lilli and Susanne smile and laugh. & making them interested in my tattoes and ex-piercings ^^ openmindedness is nice!

wish: for the future i hope, that the cooperation of Susanne & RTC will get even better, because the three of us has gotten to know eachother personally. We communicate really well now, but i know we must work to keep it at just.
My daddy hates staying in China, so i hope Thailand is more relaxing for him.

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