18. september 2011

- of the week (37):

best day: friday - coworkers were being so friday-happy & the graphic designer was in the mood for being creative, so we brainstormed the bestest ideas! then went to Hanne's for friday-beer. then home to watch the wonderkid Thomas on DR1. my brother got home & we drove to Sørens to lan. my chosen family was there & it was so nice and Sørens sister and her girlfriend came and we ended up sitting outside discussing politics for hours. then watched all of Gabriel Iglesias's videos on youtube. drove home again and went to bed. love ^^

best meal: thursday - my brother made something as simple as tortilla wraps. but it was so simple & so good and having the spice for the meat, you just never go wrong.

best joke: all friday night <3

best thing: i tell myself that i have influenced some of my co-workers for the better. maybe it has nothing to do with me, but i can feel a difference in our correspondings from since i started there only 6 weeks ago. buttom line is, its extremely motivating for me! love ^^

worst thing: not being taking seriously at things you do best. there has just been too many cases this week. unbefuckinglievable
it is getting better, though

best dream: them stupid dreams. i dont remember having a good one for long time. & this week i have been way too tired, when getting up from 6-8 hours of sleep. normal for me. so wtf?

best night out: friday at Sørens was really what i needed

wish: i hope my dad will have a nice business trip to China/Thailand. my mom already started missing him friday, though he left saturday. im not going to be home next week either, so i hope she'll cope.
im going to Turkey for business & i really hope to be abe to sucks in some culture - i need it.

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