13. september 2011

- of the week (36):

best day: wednesday - went to Århus with my job to a photoshoot. It was nice to experience. afterwards we looked at stores downtown selling our products & had a nice café meal & Cold Stone icecream.

best meal: dinner sunday - it was just pasta bolognese, but i could taste again ^^

best joke: mommi & i had gone around at work saying "ofcourse, my mom only turns 39!" - which made people doubt whether she turned 39 or 49. not that funny, just a nice prank ^^

best thing: that my fear for glandular fever didnt become reality. sleeping for 3 days straight & your body aching makes you think silly thoughts.

worst thing: being ill. it was my first time at home on my mothers b-day for 3 years & i slept all day due to my flu. sucks. i love birthdays <3

best dream: none. though, i had a weird night, where i didnt wake up  a t  a l l! it was like having had a black out. very weird! i didnt even wake up a little just to turn over. nah-ah!

best night out: oh, another weekend spent unvolunteeringly on the couch.

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