19. september 2011

living life - to the fullest

even though this is a very talented, very funny comedian, this got me thinking.

i have often been bummed about "loosing four days of my life laying in bed having the effin flu"
i have often been bummed about wasting my weekend on relaxing too much by my self & doing nothing

these past 6 weeks of intern ship has also got me thinking - because there are people in this world (loads of them?) who has just settled for a 8-16 job. and that is not because their job is a 8-16 one - it is because they are held back & demotiveted.

i refuse to live a life being demotivated! how is that even possible.
right now my biggest fear for my futre would be to be held back & demotivated at my job.
it scares me!

maybe i dont really have a buttom line to this... i guess "live life the fullest" or "follow your dreams" would be appropriate.
or maybe actually "never settle for  the 2nd best" - or just "never settle"

have fun living

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