27. september 2011

im old

sunday i slept at 2130
yesterday i slept at 2205

so you could say im up late now


i'll be watching the last 5 mins of Project Runway s09e08 (tried to finish it for 2 days) and then i'm probably already asleep

bonus: today at work (intern ship placement) i realised, that i cannot let go of the new collection i have been working with since the beginning. The other members of the product development group (?) are 4 men.
not gonna happen!

i hope to maybe get approval in still being a part og the "team", though its not in my job describtion - & just to get the experience an knowledge, i would do it almost for free.
thats how much i can't not care (lets put it like that)


sleep tight, biatches <3

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